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Zhaojing Incorporated Company

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Impacts of Quenched Amorphous Strip Properties on Annealing Processes
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Quenched Amorphous Strip MaterialCooling RatePerformanceImpactAnnealing Process

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Zhaojing Incorporated Company

Enterprise Introduction :

Impacts of Quenched Amorphous Strip Properties on Annealing Processes

Zhaojing incorporated company, located in China's private economy is relatively developed coastal areas of east Zhejiang, Cixi emerging industry cluster zone, the company covers an area of 73333 square meters, construction area of 66466 square meters, registered capital of 100 million CNY, the total investment of nearly 400 million CNY, the company since its inception, has  always been committed to high-tech materials, iron base amorphous alloy strip and amorphous iron core transformer, amorphous motor iron core and magnetic powder core research and development, production and sales; Products are widely used in electricity, electronics, communications, energy, transportation, environmental protection, etc., has the advantages of saving energy and reducing consumption significantly and improve the efficiency, the use of amorphous strip, in areas such as product upgrading of transformer, motor, will play a revolutionary role in promoting.

Technical Requirement

1. Research on properties of quenched amorphous ribbon at different cooling rates.

2. Impacts of quenched amorphous strip properties on annealing processes.