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Chongqing Juneng Construction Group

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New Technology for the Development of Modern Architecture
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Chongqing Juneng Construction Group

Enterprise Introduction :

New Technology for the Development of Modern Architecture

Chongqing Ju'neng Construction Group Co. Ltd. operates as an engineering contractor. The Company provides housing, municipal engineering, road, bridge, tunnel, water conservancy, steel structure, railway, and other engineering construction services. Chongqing Ju'neng Construction Group currently has 11 subsidiaries and branches, and 2 shareholding companies.


The Group and its subsidiaries have:

・       Grade I qualification for general contracting of mines and highways;

・       Grade I qualification for geological disaster management engineering design and construction;

・       Grade I qualification for steel structure, sense and hydraulic tunnel engineering;

・       Grade II qualification for general project contracting of water conservancy and hydropower, electromechanical installation;

・       Grade II and III qualifications of steel structure and railway engineering professional contracting; and

・       Foreign engineering contracting quality corresponding to the above qualifications.


Technical Requirement

1. Application on artificial intelligence and construction industry;

2. Informational Construction within construction industry;

3. Prefabricated Building Technology;

4. Monitoring Technique for Construction Safety


General Benchmark: New trend for modern construction development, relevant new technology and expandable application areas.