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Heung Kong Unicorn Field

Reward (USD): $2 Million
Project Introduction for Incubation
Tech Demand

Reward (USD):

$2 Million




Smart HomeBiomedicineAIBig DataThe Internet of ThingsCloud ComputingIntelligent ManufacturingBlock ChainAR/VR

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IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Funding Offer worth USD $2 Million for Other Tech
Heung Kong Unicorn Field

Enterprise Introduction :

Project Introduction for Incubation

The Heung Kong Unicorn Field is a "Microsoft Cloud and Mobile Technology Incubation program - Guangzhou Cloud and Mobile Application Incubation Platform", co-established by Nansha District Government, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and Heung Kong Group. This cooperation is threefold in that Nansha District Government offers supporting policies, Microsoft (China) provides technical supports, and Heung Kong Group is responsible for the operational management.

The Unicorn Field is a key project to Guangzhou's IAB (Informationization, Artificial Intelligence and Biology) Program. It is also Microsoft's first incubator for AI projects, which was named as one of the Microsoft's innovative eco-partners for 2017.

Unicorn Field plans to have 200 enterprises in place for incubation, mainly covering areas such as AI, blockchain, mobile internet, smart manufacturing and smart hardware in the coming 3 years.

Technical Requirement

Interested areas: smart home, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, smart manufacturing, blockchain and AR/VR

Each area will be funded with CNY 1.5 million yuan in maximum. Each
enterprise or project admitted is expected to fit in actual application scenario with existing marketization capability. Cooperation mode is negotiable.