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Online Distance Education Platform (6-to-18-year-old DiversifiedEducation Platform)
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Enterprise Introduction :

Online Distance Education Platform (6-to-18-year-old DiversifiedEducation Platform)

Guangzhou Jinpeng Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Jinpeng Group) is established in line with the principle of integration of“Manufacturing, Study, Exploring, and Utilizing”, with the great support of Information Industry Ministry, Guangzhou Communist Party Committee and Guangzhou Municipal Government. The company’s core business is to research, developing, designing, manufacturing and installation in communication system, providing overall system integration and technology services for wired and wireless communication operators. On property right reform, Jinpeng Group absorbs the regime advantage of civil private company and combines with its own advantage, to found property right regime and motivating mechanism of its own feature. Jinpeng continues to develop new products and explore new market, striving for sales transaction up to 12 billion by 2008.


Technical Requirement

1. One-to-one diversified courses and one-to-many audio and video courses should be supported.

2. Online interactions should be supported.

3. Online testing evaluation and testing guidance should be supported.

4. Video playback of online course should be supported.

5. Online note recording function of individual course should be supported.