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Risong Technology Co., Ltd.

Reward (USD): $3.5 Million
Robot and AI Equipment
Tech Demand

Reward (USD):

$3.5 Million


Advanced Manufacturing


Laser WeldingTack WeldWeld Seam TrackingVision LocalizationLaserMeasurementWelding Adaptive Control

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IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Funding Offer worth USD $3.5 Million for Advanced Manufacturing Tech
Risong Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Introduction :

Robot and AI Equipment

Guangzhou Risong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that covers the R&D, manufacturing, application and sales of robots, intelligent technology and high-end intelligent equipments, as well as an overall flexible solutions provider. Risong provides series of robots for worldwide high-end manufacturing and taking over flexible AI robotic product line of welding, laser transport, assembly and painting. Risong holds Risong Hokuto (Sino-Japanese joint corporation) and Weldstone (Sino-German joint venture corporation). Risong has provided nearly 10000 robots and more than 1000 sets of welding, laser handling, assembly, painting and other robot flexible intelligent production line to customers.

Technical Requirement

1. Visual technology( including visual calibration and visual counterpoint system)

2. Laser sensor technology (including 3D Laser Measurement System, 3D Laser Tracking system and 3D Laser locating system)

3. Software (including robot control system, robot remote service software, robot off-line programming, robot simulation software and intelligent system integration application software)

4. Industry 4.0 software

5. Introduction of technical talents (non-PhD or PhD with strong manual dexterity)

Specific technical points:

1. Laser Seam Tracking(required: efficient, precise and cost-effective laser seam tracking solution)

2. Robot adaptive welding technology( required: automatically adjust welding parameter and speed according to the groove size)

3. Big Data for Welding (key points: integrated welding process database, welding application case and expert data base, and big database and processing system  for welding defect identification and solutions).

4.Digital and Virtual Debugging Technology (key points: enable the real PLC to access software online for digitally control, linkage debugging between production equipment and robot, verification of program design and loophole inspection and analysis in the program, to implement the digital and virtual debugging technology of the whole process simulation control and debugging in the offline phase)


Ways of Cooperation:

1. Technology adopting or investment

2. Strategic investment, merger or introduction of the team for deep cooperation

3. Authorization and cooperation of technologies or products in the market