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RaDoTech: Portable Smart Device for Personal Health Monitoring

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RaDoTech: Portable Smart Device for Personal Health Monitoring
RaDoTech: Portable Smart Device for Personal Health Monitoring

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RaDoTech: Portable Smart Device for Personal Health Monitoring

Project Summary

RaDoTech’s product is fully available for global order from main websites. First 500 units have been sold out via preorder and then next batch of 1000 units went in to manufacturing. Positive feedback from active users shows demand in product and helps to improve mobile app further. RaDoTech is well used by both - end users and specialists / practitioners in various fields, from massage services to acupuncture and even Doctors MD in private practice as a confirmation or a second opinion. 


Currently RaDoTech is scaling manufacturing and working on marketing, and preparing the lunch supplement line for global orders.

Core Competitiveness

•  Accurate and fast (3 min for single test or 10 min for full test)

•  Easy and portable to use and read

•  Provision of personalized medical advice

•  Facilitates long-term health tracking for the whole family

•  Affordable

•  No specific knowledge or training required 

Team Profile

Dr. Konstantin Zabolotniy, Co-founder

•  Doctor MD, Expert in Naturopathy, Family Doctor, Pediatrician, Expert in Ayurvedic Medication, Reanimatologist, Doctor Functional Medicine, Expert in Ryodoraku Technology

•  Author of 3 books, bestsellers

•  Over 20 years of private practice, lecturing and food supplements appliance / development.

Igor Berlinskiy, CEO

•  Inventor, Entrepreneur, Academic of European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hanover, Germany), Honorable Inventor of EU

•  Owner of 15 patents and intellectual property certificates

Status of Technology and Business Maturity

Industrialization Stage 

Hardware devices and application are developed and selling worldwide, including the Russian market. Order and payment can be made at website Application for iOS and Android are available in app stores. Application has further potential for development, and for integration with other devices, such as fitness trackers and smart watches, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and so on. Unique author food supplements are manufacturing and selling. At the moment producing about 50% of all formulas.

Intended Cooperation

•  Investments for marketing, growth, scaling production of RaDoTech device and food supplements

•  Distribution and sales partners 

•  Manufacturing partners for devices and food supplements

Marketing and advertising partners  





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