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Aeroboat Concorde: Next Generation Hybrid Amphibious Aeroboat

Project Holder:

IIAAT Holding JSC (SKOLKOVO Resident)


Advanced Manufacturing



Aeroboat Concorde: Next Generation Hybrid Amphibious Aeroboat
Aeroboat Concorde: Next Generation Hybrid Amphibious Aeroboat

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Aeroboat Concorde: Next Generation Hybrid Amphibious Aeroboat

Project Summary

This project team developed the ‘world's first’ hybrid amphibious aircraft. This is a breakthrough technology on a global scale with the advantage of dynamic air-cushion mobile technology, so it can move on dynamic air cushions on surfaces such as water, snow, sand, and marshes without the need for offshore, road or aerospace infrastructure. The product has set a world record in terms of speed, with speeds of up to 145-150 km/h on water. The aircraft uses IoT technology for the first time to remotely monitor and troubleshoot engines, control systems and avionics. The aircraft supports real-time system diagnostics and fault identification, integrated GPS+Glonass satellite navigation system, and autopilot mode.

•  Best Innovative Product in St. Petersburg Award in 2018, awarded by the Governor of St.Petersburg

•  Gold medal winner of ‘Most Innovative Product in Area of Transportation in Eurasia’ in Eurasian Forum 2017

Core Competitiveness

•  Product navigation has a range and duration that is 2 times greater than regular navigation;

•  No need to install a gearbox on the aeroboat, which increases the reliability of the system;

•  Can be switched to an alternative energy source (i.e. I.C.E. or battery) to increase the survivability of the aeroboat in the event of engine failure;

•  Increase stability of the aeroboat, reduce the risk of high-speed overturning, and possibly lower the center of gravity;

•  Water propulsion with electric drive can be used to increase thrust in displacement mode;

•  Hybrid aeroboats are 3 times cheaper than those powered by internal combustion engine.

Team Profile

Dr. Alexander Nebylov, PhD

•  Awarded the title of "Russian Federation Honorary Scientist" by Russian President Vladimir Putin;

•  Recipient of the ‘Second Medal of Honor’ issued by President Putin, one of Russia's highest civil awards for scientific achievements and contributions to the country;

•  Author of more than 18 international books, incl. world renowned book ‘Aerospace Naigation Systems’ published by John Wiley & Sons-UK, in the area of advanced aerospace technologies, while having more than 250 scientific publications worldwide

Dr. Vladimir Nebylov, PhD

•  Specialist in Amphibious vehicles with a Ph.D in WIG Flying Boats design and development

Sukrit Sharan

•  B.Tech and M.Tech (with Distinction-Gold Medallist) in the area of Aerospace Technologies; Co-author of a patent on Amphibious Vehicles;

•  Author of world renowned book ‘Aerospace Navigation Systems’; He has more than 20 international scientific publications across the globe.

Status of Technology and Business Maturity

Industrialization Stage

Intended Cooperation

Project Financing, Cooperative R&D, and Joint Venture


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