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IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Australian Chapter Successfully Concluded in Brisbane
July 12, 2019

Organized by China International Cooperation Association of SMEs, WTOIP and Australia China Innovation Centre (ACIC), IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Australian Chapter was concluded on July 9 at Fishburners Brisbane.



7 outstanding Australian tech projects were selected out of dozens of candidates to pitch at the contest and they are: 


1. PERKii Probiotics (New Material)


Probiotics have been shown to improve gut health, boost immunity and improve mental health. However, many probiotic products are limited by poor stability, unfavorable taste and low survival through the acidic stomach. PERKii Probiotics have an armour-plated layer that protects the good bacteria through the stomach, to the intestine where they can really make a difference.


2. Clearsky Genomics (Biomedicine)


Clearsky Genomics developed a scalable platform to help people make sense of the information in their DNA called Mychro. It is a FHIR compliant, web-based genome browser that allows genetic specialists to quickly contextualise the copy number alterations in a patient's genome. However, the core function of Mychro is the Patient Portal.


The Patient Portal, a platform that allows patients and their families to securely access a version Mychro that visualises approved variants and provides them with educational resources to help them understand their genetic information at their own pace.


3. StickyCell (Biomedicine)


Leukocyte Adhesive Function Assay (LAFA) – Developed by StickyCell to deliver an accurate and quantitative assessment of immune system function. LAFA uses advanced microfluidic tech to mimic blood microcirculation in vitro, providing an immediate assessment of leukocyte 'stickiness'. It also produces a wide range of biomarkers to characterize an individual's immune status.


4. Inovotech (Advanced Manufacturing)


Brekkie is an IoT robotic smart device that automatically cooks breakfast for people struggling to do that on their own. This is an assistive technology powered by machine learning and AI that will take care of the whole process of cooking breakfast, from ordering, preparing food, packaging, to cleaning the machine. We have been working developing brekkie as an assistive solution to help older people preserve independence and autonomy in day-to-day lives.


5. Josari (New Generation IT),


Josari is a marketplace for instant advice. It is a mobile platform that allows users to connect with a range of advisors via video chat. It allows users to talk to ANYONE about ANYTHING 24/7. With Josari, users can get advice specific to your requirements. It is a personal knowledge marketplace.


6. PUML Better Health (New Generation IT)


PUML is a gym fitness activity engagement platform that incentivizes members to visit more often, earning points that can be converted into rewards.


7. WatchYourTalk (AI & Big Data)


Watchyourtalk are developing a AI diagnostic platform that can objectively assess and monitor cognitive health. This platform will analyse natural speech in real time to consciously detect and monitor the percentage of negative vs positive words spoken during the day. Furthermore, our platform will predict symptoms of depression, suicide, and fraudulent behaviour. We conduct a real time analysis of speech throughout the day and characterise the speaker's cognitive and linguistic state, including semantic content. 


Contestants presented their projects and stunning ideas on stage, based on which each project was carefully evaluated and scored by 5 renowned judges: Dr. Clarence Tan from OpenExO, Edmont Rao from WTOIP, Rick McElhinney from Angels of Australia, Isaac J Holmyard Holmyard from REACH Australia and Sara Zhang from ACIC .



Chapter winners were announced at the end of the contest: Clearsky Genomics and StickyCell, who are qualified for Global Top 30 to attend the multi-city pitching round trip in China in the coming December. We look forward to seeing you all again sooner! 

IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Australian Chapter Successfully Concluded in Brisbane
July 12, 2019
IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Australian Chapter Successfully Concluded in Brisbane
IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Australian Chapter Successfully Concluded in Brisbane